Bridge Haven's 4th Annual Charity Pro-Am Auction

Amount raised for BackStoppers

2013 Itemized

Yearly Totals






Other Donations:

$ 2,945




Bridge Haven:

$   100





$ 7,127






Congratulations to Marvin King/Daisy Spitzer, 1st NS and Mark Boswell/Steve Zenk, 1st EW and to everyone else who placed.  This was really fun and everyone had a good time.  See you at the bridge table.

Below is the article from District 8 Advocate, the Greater St. Louis News Letter -- Reprinted with permission

2013 Pro-Am Charity Game

This year's Pro-Am charity game took place at Bridge Haven Club in St. Louis, MO on September 8, 2013. 

Chuck Starovasnik and Barbara Reid of Bridge Haven organize this yearly event.  For the event, a "pro" is defined as a player with more than 2000 master points.  It works like this.  Several weeks before the event, the names of pros who volunteer are listed.  People post bids for a particular pro.  Winning bidders play with their "pro" at Pro-Am game. 

This year's event raised $7,127 for Backstoppers, a local charity that provides assistance to the families of St. Louis area police officers, fire fighters, and other emergency personnel who are killed in the line of duty.  It's a success in two ways. The families served by Backstoppers benefit.  And bridge players get a chance to play with top local players.  In addition, some pros set up a "practice" game in advance of the event.  So those lucky bidders get to play twice with their pro.

A special thanks goes to these pros who donated their time and talent.

Phillip Alder

Margaret Baldwin

Sandy Becker

Rod Beery

Kenny Bland

Mark Boswell

Steve Brauss

Jack Bryant

John Burgener

Mike Carmen

Robert Dempsey

Judy Eaton

Mark Ehret

Karen Erlanger

Bill Finkenstadt

Mike Giacaman

Richard Haake

Carol Hamilton

Jim Hammond

Gayle Hawkins

Loughery Hawkins

Marvin King

Roger Lord

Sheldon Margulis

George Marvin

Tom Oppenheimer

Sue Perez

Alan Popkin

Nancy Popkin

Debra Romero

Kathy Safranski

John Samsel

Marvin Shapiro

Jacqueline Sincoff

Dan Spangler

Dennis Spencer

Gloria Spitzer

Donald VanBuskirk

Rod Van Wyk

Peggy Wald

Robert Wheeler

En Xie

Milton Zlatic