It is with great pleasure that we let the St. Louis bridge community know that
Dan Spangler will be running Bridge Haven.   The time to cut back is when
you have found a more than competent and eager individual, and all is
 going well and everyone is healthy.   Thus, Chuck can now travel and
do the things he wants to do.     Everyone knows Chuck can not give up Bridge,
so you will still see him at the bridge table.   Chuck and I will still be around
to help Dan as needed.   When you see Dan, congratulate him and wish him
well.  Below is a greeting from Dan.

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a blessed 2014 as we anticipate the coming year and
wonder what changes they may bring.   The year is starting with some
major changes at Bridge Haven as we enter 2015.

As most of you know, "as of Dec. 8th" I have taken over the managing of
Bridge Haven.   For those who do not know me, my name is Dan Spangler.  
I started playing bridge on line (on yahoo) over 17 years ago then live bridge
about 15 years ago.   I became a director 3 years ago and certified
teacher 2 years ago.

I am very excited about taking over Bridge Haven and looking forward to the
future and ways to improve and hopefully make the games grow.   My first goal
is to have a beginners course for new and beginning players.   If you know
anyone interested in learning how to play bridge have them contact us for
details.   It will take a little time to get in the swing of things.   My first big
project will be to get everyone's e-mail address.   My e-mail address is  If you have any suggestions don't hesitate
to contact me.   My phone number is 314-757-2434.

I believe with all your help we can make Bridge Haven not just the "other" place to
play but THE place to play bridge.   Remember, bring a friend, double the fun!

Happy Bridging