Next Pot Luck is August 24, 2018. Set up 4:30pm Dinner 5:00pm Bridge 5:30pm

St. Louis Regional Tournament

The St. Louis Regional Tournament will occur the days of August 13th to August 19th. Because this is a tournament hosted by Unit 143, Bridge Haven will be closed during the tournament, with the exception of the regular Monday 10:3 am game. All other games at Bridge Haven will be cancelled for the week. Please plan on returning the week of August 20th for bridge fun with the Bridge Haven family.

Bridge Haven wishes each of you success at the regional. If you need to check the tournament schedule, click Here

2018 BackStoppers' Game - 9th Annual

Special Bidding Update

Bidding is heating up. If you want to play with a pro, get your bids in and help support the BackStoppers.

Bidding during the St. Louis Regional Tournament will continue until 10am, August 19, 2018. Updates will be posted only at the regional. It is important that you remember to contact Barbara Reid or Chuck Starovasik during this period to get your bids in. Bidding is often fast and furious during the regional so be prepared with your bids. Plus, remember that you cannot use cell phones during play, so new bids will be posted during breaks between sessions.

It is time to begin to think about the 2018 BackStoppers game hosted by Bridge Haven. This year's game will be held on Sunday September 16, 2018 starting at 1:00 pm. The location to the game will be the St. Louis Bridge Center.

Bidding has opened for the BackStoppers game. The bidding process is the same as in the past. All bids must be given to Chuck Starovasik or Barbara Reid. You must contact Chuck Starovasik or Barbara Reid via email at, or call Chuck at 618-530-4300 or Barbara at 314-374-6027. Their home number is 314-822-8454. We will also keep the website updated with bids until the start of the regional tournament. Anyone can bid on any Pro. Bidding starts July 15, 2018. They will update the bid amounts daily at both locations and only Barbara or Chuck can update a bid. Bidding will continue at the Regional and end promptly at 10am, August 19, 2018

Current Bids as of August 16, 2018
Alder, Philip - Bridge Columnist$150  Schaffer, Carol
Antognoli, John$75  Hamilton, Carol Shaw, Jay$50 
Ashbacher, Ron$50  Hawkins, Gail$125  Shapiro, Beryl
Athy, Norm$200  Hawkins, Jack$100  Shapiro, Marvin
Bainter, Bob Hubert, Becky$200  Shen, Jerome$50 
Becker, Sandy King, Marvin$100  Shymanski Moore, Suzi$50 
Beery, Rod, GLM$50  Lord, Roger, GLM Siegel, Phyllis$100 
Bland, Kenny$200  Marvin, George$50  Sincoff, Jackie$50 
Boswell, Mark$75  Moore, Doug Spencer, Dennis$75 
Bryant, Jack$100  Moses, Todd Spitzer, Gloria
Burgener, John$100  Nunn, Jim$100  Starovasnik, Chuck$50 
Carmen, Mike$100  Oppenheimer, Tom$100  VanWyk, Rod$50 
Carver, Andrew$50  Pedrotti, Donna$100  Vongsvivut, Arbha
Erlanger, Karen$50  Perez, Sue$100  Wang, Ed
Ettelson, Jane$75  Pitonak, Mike$100  Wheeler, Bob
Finkenstadt, Bill Popkins, Alan$50  Wolfe, Allison
Frank, Ronnie$50  Powers, Linda$50  Xie, En$500 
Quist, Carole$25  Zenk, Stephen$100 
Giacaman, Mike$50  Romero, Deb Zlatic, Milt$100 
Goldman, Norm
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Do you like team games? Do you like winning some master points when you play? Come join us at Bridge Haven for our Lucky 7 team games on Tuesday and Saturday starting at noon. The Lucky 7 game limits your team to one "A" player. Mike Arnheim is the director for both of these games. If you need teammates or have questions about your team structure, please call Mike at 314-583-1745. These are some of the most successful games at Bridge Haven. Besides a chance to win matches, these are fun games. To make them more fun, join the Bridge Haven friends and family for great afternoon of bridge.

Upcomming Special Games

Bridge Haven is proud to announce several special games during the months of June, July and August. These include the "Longest Day" charity game and multiple North American Pairs (NAP)qualifying events.

Game Dates

August 26 - September 1
Sunday, August 26, 1:00 PM, NAP
Monday, August 27, 10:30 AM, NAP
Monday, August 27, 6:30 AM, NAP
Wednesday, August 29, 10:30 AM, NAP
Friday, August 31, 10:30 AM, NAP
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Please see the Photos tab for the Christmas Pictures and many others that we want to share with our Bridge Haven family.

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Pot Luck Pot Luck at Bridge Haven

Call for directions to Bridge Haven
6205 N. Lingbergh, Hazelwood, MO 63042

August 24, 2018 is the Date for the Next Pot Luck


Set Up= 4:30 pm

Dinner=5:00 pm

Bridge = 5:30 pm

This is Chuck’s game, so please call him at 618-530-4300 or e-mail him at to make your reservations (so we know how much food to prepare). We also have a clip board on the wall labeled, “Pot Luck Sign Up Sheet”. If you really love bridge, you can come to the 12 noon game on Saturday, Call Mike 314-583-1745, and stay for the Pot Luck dinner, a double header, yea.

Questions: Contact Chuck 618-530-4300 or Barbara at 314-374-6027

Tentative dates for Pot Lucks: August 25, 2018, Chuck is directing

Pot Luck

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Special Games at Bridge Haven are posted on the board.

Bridge and Lunch with Phyllis - 10:30 Wed
Boeing Duplicate Club - 6:30 Wed
Many regular Open Pairs game during the week

As always thank you for playing at Bridge Haven.

Charity Game Every Friday at 10:30 am

We had a request from a group of players to have a Friday AM game. After much discussion Chuck agreed to have a Charity game every Friday am. ACBL allows more points for charity games. The cost is an extra dollar that goes to the charity. Our charity is Backstoppers. If you are looking for ACBL master points this is a good way to earn MP. On Friday 9/29, first place earned 2.04 ACBL MP. IF you have questions feel free to call, Chuck at 618-530-4300 or Barbara at 314-374-2760.