Bridge Haven has had to make schedule changes. Please check the Schedule Tab for the changes.

Bridge Haven

Bridge Haven is a warm and friendly place to play duplicate bridge with friends who will become family. We have multiple game times and types to accommodate all levels of play. We have been the proud sponsor of the BackStoppers game for the last 10 years raising $101,017 for this special charity. Looking for a fun place to play bridge, join us at Bridge Haven. Check the Schedule tab for times of our games.

What Are Your Thoughts??

Has Bridge as we know it, died?

This virus has killed social bridge, so now it is a game played on computers without social contact. This has changed our bridge life.

We at BRIDGE HAVEN have always tried to promote the social aspects of bridge, and we want to continue to do so.

To promote social bridge, we are running the following games at Bridge Haven.

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday games at 10:30 am
  • Wednesday Boeing game at 6:30 pm
  • Saturday at 12 noon is our 7 is Enough game (SWISS Team) The 7 means that you can only have one "A" player per team. Question about the SWISS Team game can be addressed to Mike at 314-583-1745
  • If you miss the social bridge game, join us at these games.

Bridge Haven Reopening Plans

Bridge Haven will follow the St. Louis County guidelines for reopening. St. Louis county guidelines now allow Bridge Haven to open at 50% capacity. For Bridge Haven, that means we can now have 6 tables at our games. Our plans are to make everyone as comfortable as possible within the guideline limitation.

We will follow these steps.

  • If you are sick, have a temperature, do not feel well, you will not be allowed to play. Please stay home.
  • The 50% occupancy for Bridge Haven is 6 tables. We are requiring reservations. Please contact Mike Arnheim at 314-583-1745 for reservations.
  • We are going to try to follow the published game schedule.
  • Team games are restarting with the 6 table limit. Reservation are required.
  • Face masks are required. Please cough into your elbow or shoulder.
  • Gloves will be available for those who wish to use them.
  • All cards will be rotated on a 4 or 5 day schedule. We believe this to be sufficient since the virus does not live on a surface after 3 days (CDC information).
  • Bidding boxes will be rotated like the playing cards.
  • We will use tables that meet the six foot rule (every other table). We will sanitize the tables before and after each game and as necessary during a game.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available on each table for use between rounds or as necessary. It will also be available on the counter.
  • Snacks will be limited.

We at Bridge Haven do understand that if you are not comfortable attending games, that it is ok. We want everyone to return when they feel comfortable.

Bridge Haven Annual BackStopper Charity Game - Cancelled

Unfortunately, Bridge Haven has decided to cancel this years BackStopper Charity Game. The reason this decision was made is all of the uncertanity around the Corona Virus. We hope that everyone is staying well and safe.

If you wish to still make a donation to the BackStoppers, you may contact Barbara at 314-374-6027. You may also make a contirbution by going to the BackStoppers website.

Pot Luck

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Bridge Tips

I have posted a new article on "Thinking Ahead Before You Bid". If you have a subject matter that you'd like to see discussed, please let me know at I will be glad to address that for you.

The tip can be found HERE

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Bridge Haven Has Moved

New Address: 10421 St Charles Rock Rd, St. Ann Mo. 63074

The move is done. Bridge Haven has a new home.

Our new location, 10421 St. Charles Rock Road, St. Ann MO 63074 which is conveniently located behind the St. Ann Police Department.

We made this move to help us continue all of our games and to provide us with the facilities to grow and add new games and new learning opportunities in the near future.

If you still need directions to the new location, please click this LINK.

Here are a few photos from the Friday game. Please click on the Photos for additional pictures.

Chuck Barbara New Location Bill's Chair Regulars Partner?
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Do you like team games? Do you like winning some master points when you play? Come join us at Bridge Haven for our Lucky 7 team games on Tuesday and Saturday starting at noon. The Lucky 7 game limits your team to one "A" player. Mike Arnheim is the director for these games. If you need teammates or have questions about your team structure, please call Mike at 314-583-1745. These are some of the most successful games at Bridge Haven. Besides a chance to win matches, these are fun games. To make them more fun, join the Bridge Haven friends and family for great afternoon of bridge.

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Special Games at Bridge Haven are posted on the board.

Bridge and Lunch with Phyllis - 10:30 Wed
Boeing Duplicate Club - 6:30 Wed
Many regular Open Pairs game during the week

As always thank you for playing at Bridge Haven.

Charity Game Every Friday at 10:30 am

We had a request from a group of players to have a Friday AM game. After much discussion Chuck agreed to have a Charity game every Friday am. ACBL allows more points for charity games. The cost is an extra dollar that goes to the charity. Our charity is Backstoppers. If you are looking for ACBL master points this is a good way to earn MP. On Friday 9/29, first place earned 2.04 ACBL MP. IF you have questions feel free to call, Chuck at 618-530-4300 or Barbara at 314-374-2760.